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Update from Sana’a after 9/18 attack on Demonstrators. SOS!!!

“More than 22 protesters were hideously killed today by the security forces after they rally. The injuries were very hideous mainly targeting the head and the chest of the protesters. Recent published photos show protesters with scattered heads and some lost their limbs. The forces use very lethal weapons as the air-craft and RPG, according to witnesses and doctors.

Thugs also attacked the protesters and some of them were observed to be active nearby the Change Square even before situations escalate. The security situation in Sana’a is now tense and most streets are empty.”
-Kawkab Althaibani, journalist [Sana’a Yemen]
Action must be taken now or Yemen’s fragile state would inevitably lead to a civil war. The situation is dire and with the support of Saudi Arabia, Yemeni government forces have continued to use violence to repress the pro democracy movement. Yemen is a ticking time bomb and the people of Yemen have remained peaceful as they face government terror. This will not hold up for too long. There is a humanitarian crisis and the government’s increasing violence will very likely provoke an armed conflict. Where is the international community? End the media black out Now.