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For Ta’iz..

On May 29, 2011, ordered by the current regime, security forces stormed into Taiz’s Freedom Square. The city of Ta’iz shook as explosions and heavy artillery and shelling hit the square and other parts of the city. Heavy Gunfire was fired indiscriminately at demonstrators as security forces entered deeper into the square burning everything in sight. Tanks followed demolishing flattening tents. What was once Freedom Square turned into a war zone where screams were heard from quite a distance a way.The local hospital overflowed with casualties as hospital staff sent out a humanitarian plea appealing for emergency assistance “we are understaffed, and lack supplies!” They said. The distress calls continued as the attacks on demonstrators continued. Hundreds were reported injured and over 50 killed.

Ta’iz has not seen a day of peace since the start of the uprisings. Although they were able to take back Freedom Square, they still face escalating violence and brutal repression by security forces. The death toll keeps rising as demonstrators remain persistent and determined.

The day following the attack, Sana’a staged a mass march in which thousands of demonstrators marched in solidarity with the people of Ta’iz. The people of Ta’iz continue to be an inspiration to those also leading the peaceful resistance out of Change Square in Sana’a. Sana’a has been facing similar acts of brutal repression and escalating violence. Today they marched to remember those who lost their lives on that horrific night.

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A horrific massacre took place on Sunday May 29th in Taiz when Security Forces stormed to the Freedom Square. Heavy explosions shook the city with very heavy gunfire that was fired indiscriminately on the youth protesters in front of the Administration Building. The youth protested in front of Cairo Directorate to demand the release of the detained and kidnapped youth but they were surprised by random live ammunition and grenade bombs that were thrown at them. The hospital was getting full very fast and distress calls were made appealing doctors, surgeons and orthopedics to help save a life as injuries were increasing by the minute.

According to witnesses, Security Forces tried breaking into Freedom Square from Agriculture Bank while using heavy gunfire and tear gases on the protesters. Just then, at the start of the attack, two dead were announced and 50 others injured by live bullets, Al-Safwa Hospital was drowning in blood.

Republican Guards, Central Security and Saleh’s thugs were attacking the peaceful protesters, they were located on the top of the nearby buildings and they were shooting the protesters directly. This video shows how inhuman they are.


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  1. Frederic

    Thank you. Your post was translated into French and put with a link towards your blog on a blog held by French youth. It’s here: http://al-montpellier.over-blog.com/ .
    Keep writing, keep hoping, keep resisting…

    June 9, 2011 at 9:21 am

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