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“Tear Gas” and “Smoke Bombs” Revealed to be Expired and Damaging to Health

Security forces have been consistent with their extreme use of tear gas. What bewildered me most was the effects it had on the demonstrators. Extreme symptoms like seizure-like palpitations, vommiting, extreme burning sensation in lungs and entire chest area are just to name a few. Long term effects are still unknown. All that is known is that is it extremely damaging to one’s health. About a month ago, I was at a march that ended in security forces attacking us with live ammunition and “tear gas”. I inhaled a small amount and was able to flee. This small amount began to make it hard to breathe. I also felt the muscles in my chest stiffen. It was painful. Since then, I have had a persistent cough. Here is a document revealing that the “smoke bombs” are expired:

Transcribed by Yusra Ahmed
Translated by Abdullah Al-Maisari
Released by Nasser Al-Maweri
Hood Revealed another documents addressed to the commander of Central Security from Rashad al-Masri, Minister of Interior on 07.04.2011 letter number (1130 p.) emphasizes that smoke bombs being used in the suppression of protesters are already expired and it is damaging to health.
The letter “with reference to the note by the Attorney-General (…) attached a copy of the medical report prepared by the committee charged with exploring the fact that smoke bombs used in the riots . that report includes that smoke bombs that expired must not be used in such cases , So (. ..) We stress the need not to use this type of bombs since it cause serious damaging health problems.

Click Here for Document: https://rajaalthaibani.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/expired-tear-gas.jpg


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