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Where the F*** is our humanity?!

I need to vent! I just got back from Tagheer’s Makeshift hospital. The situation is dire as usual, mass casualties and multiple fatalities. Walking through the hospital you hear cries of agony, bodies lined up on the floor palpitating, the tiled floor stained with blood. A body lay in the back of the mosque, drenched in blood, brain matter trickling from the bullet’s entry wound. On the body is a torn piece of cardboard, with the name of the martyr: Nasser Mohamed Hizam Qa7than; a Qur’an lay beneath it; absolutely devastating.

We later hear that there were dozens kidnapped at the rally including 4 nurses from the Makeshift hospital. What has happened to Yemen? Yes I know, there are a lot worse conditions and atrocities committed around the world, but this still makes me ask the same question: Where is our humanity? How can we allow such atrocities to occur around the world?

I understand what makes us do this. What makes us ignore the agony of people around us? It isn’t always a loss of our humanity. In most instances it is a form of distancing ourselves from these situations. As human beings, we have a natural propensity to protect ourselves from things we fear. It is the coward in us that drives us to turn our backs on those who need us. We exonerate ourselves and instead of fighting to preserve the sanctity of life we look for ways to avoid our human obligations.

I get it. We all do it, all the time. We witness acts of cruelty, horror and brutality, yet we continue to withdraw ourselves and excuse ourselves in order to evade our sense of guilt. I’ve never really taken this Hobbesian philosophy too seriously, I’ve always been an optimist, always looking for the best in people; but lately I’ve felt like we’ve failed ourselves. We’re failed each other. We’ve failed humanity.

This makes me so disappointed, so pessimistic at times. Today, after everything I’ve seen, that’s how I feel. I feel hopeless and dismayed. It’s the worse feeling in the world.

I need to remind myself that there are people out there that still care; people that give a fuck; people that will put their lives on the line to preserve humanity as a whole. People who will stand up against oppression and cruelty and despite all their fears look it straight in the eye and face it.

I’m neither naïve nor am I impressionable. I understand that cruelty and evil will always exist. It has in the past and will in the future. But instead of just accepting this as our reality and surrendering to it, why not do everything within our power to combat it. Just like a cancer that has taken over one’s body. Why not fight it? Why not strengthen ourselves not as separate nations, but as a global society and stand up to face this evil? We’ve seen the worse acts of cruelty occur historically, and instead of speaking out against it and reacting we’ve ignored it. We continue to do this to this day. I’m not asking for us to do the impossible, all I’m asking is that we do our best within our own capabilities. In whatever capacity we can. We’ve created global entities like the United Nations to stand against oppression, yet the UN in itself has become in many ways politicized and in many instances continues to fail when it comes to their responsibilities.

Those who do speak out against these atrocities are in small denominations. We need to continue to grow. We need learn to empathize more for others. Why must we wait for evil to knock on our doors to react? Why must it be one of us, in order to feel the suffering of others?

We need to reconnect with our own humanity for the sake of Yemen and every other person suffering around the world. Let us end this distancing and break down the walls we’ve built and link our hearts and souls together. We are all human. So let’s start acting like it!

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